Bridge Between Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

From video games to underwater robots, Deep Mortals is here to combine powers of human curiosity and artificial intelligence


Video Games  that Will Revolutionize Our Relation with Artifical Intelligence

For most people video games are nothing more than time-wasting entertainment tools, but in our vision, they can become a new way for human imagination, perception, and curiosity to meet artifical intelligence. Our projects will serve as gateways towards a wide range of fields, from education to space missions.

More About Our Mission

We believe that video games can be revolutionized using artifical intelligence and mathematical concepts as bases of the game.


We believe that video games can  be critical for training machine learning models to give them high adaptation skills. This will enable more advanced space and robotics missions possible.


We believe that creating software tools connected with games can make collaboration between programmers and professionals from different fields easier.

Our Team

The small idea about bringing entirerly different perspective towards gaming brought us together to work to achieve something almost everyone said impossible.

Eray Aktokluk

Team Leader / Programmer / Game Designer / Story Writer / Project Manager

Murat Davuto─člu

Marketing Manager / Market Researcher / Level Designer / Game Designer

Ali Kayseri

Story Writer / 3D Modeller / Animator / Business Manager

Mortal Isaac

Artifical intelligence that represents all of t he A. I. algorithms that help us in this journey


In this journey of making programming, robotics and video game projects; we worked on other side-projects connected with our primary goals. We believe that these side projects make our main projects gain extra depth and meaning thanks to experience with different perspectives we gain

Live Streams

Eray Aktokluk published his progress of making a game engine in C++ as live streams on his Youtube channel

Game Devlogs

Eray Aktokluk published his progress of making a game engine in Java and starting project Polimane as game devlogs on his youtube channel


Ali Kayseri made different concept animations for our projects. Also, Eray Aktokluk and Murat Davuto─člu made editing and planning of these animations


Latest from Our Blog

We want to share our journey of finding exciting relationships between different areas like video game design and artifical intelligence to reach our goals