Live Streams / Devlogs

Programming Live Streams / Devlogs

Eray Aktokluk made lots of different live streams and published devlogs about programming prototypes of this project and making a game engine in C++ from scratch. Because especially making a game engine was very rare, many people were interested in these live streams. His purpose in doing all of these was only sharing the journey he is experiencing because, according to him, sharing experience with others makes it more valuable. Also, these videos and live streams helped him to stay motivated and get feedback from others to see other perspectives. Note: All of the live streams and devlogs are in the Turkish 

Eray Aktokluk tried to publish his progress of learning C++ and making a game engine from scratch as live streams. He believed that making mistakes and showing how he solves the problems he faces during live streams can be very beneficial for people who want to learn programming.

C++ Game Engine Live Streams

Java Game Devlogs

Before making a game engine in C++, Eray Aktokluk worked on the Java game engine in order to make different prototypes for this project. Because he wanted to do this project like a community project, he made and published many devlogs that show how I made progress with this project.

Future Plans

Our future plan that we are making preparation for is publishing more behind-the-scenes videos and blog posts from every member of the Deep Mortals to describe our vision, motivation, and mission better to everyone. We believe that what we are trying to achieve and how hard we are working for that can inspire some people to accomplish great things.