Project: Polimane

What is Project: Polimane?

Project: Polimane will be our first completed and formal product featuring a unique video game, APIs, and software tools. It is the product with which we are going to first enter the market and prove our unique vision about how creating a relationship between artificial intelligence and humans in “gamified” ways can solve technical and social issues. Because it is our first product, it will be relatively simple, however we are working hard to so that it is advanced enough to inspire other video games and artificial intelligence research. We believe that this project will change the general perspective towards artificial intelligence in society entirely. 

Some Technical Details

Project: Polimane will use Q-Learning in as an artificial intelligence algorithm that will quickly adapt to extreme situations. Q-Learning itself is not capable of having very fast and smart adaptations. However, with the support of Project: Polimane, players will be able to use their different experiences, skills, and curiosities to prepare Q-Learning for various situations. Q-Learning can’t work with analog values because it uses the structure of the table, but almost every real-world problem has analog values. With Project: Polimane players will be able to determine efficient possibilities and ranges for analog inputs or outputs to shape Q-Table. Also, initial values of Q-tables will be determined by players’ gaming styles for generalized situations. Project: Polimane’s essential point is that players who don’t know anything about artificial intelligence can participate because it uses human curiosity instead of technical knowledge.

Where can Project: Polimane be used?

Space Missions

Artificial intelligence algorithms with high adaptation capabilities will become very useful and even a necessity in future space missions. Such algorithms would render conducting more advanced space missions possible because spacecraft will become able to learn how to achieve its tasks under the most extreme situations thanks to Project: Polimane. To demonstrate the role our project on space missions, we designed a concept mission to Saturn’s satellite, Enceladus…


Like space missions, artificial intelligence that quickly and efficiently adapts to unique environments and extreme situations are essential for robotics projects. Automation of most dangerous jobs will be possible in every area imaginable because artificial intelligence will be able to make more accurate decisions. To demonstrate Project: Polimane’s success in teaching robots how to learn, even in such an early stage of development, an underwater robot called Dodo is developed to challenge it in unexpected underwater situations, similar to that a drone sent to the depths of Enceladus would experience.  

Other Countless Areas

Space missions and robotics are two examples of possible areas of usage for Project: Polimane. We are still working on Project: Polimane’s prototype and robot Dodo, which will prove that it is actually working in real life. After this, we will shift our focus to applying this concept to different (and broader) areas. 

Exciting News about Project: Polimane Coming Soon...