Robot Dodo

What is Robot Dodo?

Robot Dodo is actually a simplified experiment for showing our video game Project: Polimane’s capability of creating self-adaptive artificial intelligence for extreme situations like space missions. One of Saturn’s satellites, Enceladus, was selected for a concept mission we designed to explore alien oceans. That’s why Robot Dodo will also explore the seas, lakes, and oceans in extreme situations to test our artificial intelligence. In addition, it will collect unique and interesting data about water pollution using adaptive skills.

Why Dodo?

Dodo was a bird type that was unfortunately extinct in the 17th century. Its name represents Robot Dodo’s purpose of collecting data about pollution in the sea and showing how animals struggle because of pollution that humans create ungracefully. Because players will create this robot’s artificial intelligence with our video game, players will be motivated to find solutions towards pollution using our video game. Furthermore, because our robot will have issues in adaptation because of the pollution in the sea too, we wanted to name it “Dodo.”

Making of Robot Dodo

Current State of Robot Dodo

The first field test for robot Dodo’s movement capabilities on the different terrains and in the water was made. This field was very beneficial because it revealed some of Dodo’s issues. For example, motors were too weak for some situations that made us worried about real test day. That’s why we decided to change motors entirely. Finally, Dodo’s special waterproof case worked perfectly until a very large wave could enter into the case from a small hole. It wasn’t a problem because all of the electronics are on the top of the case. Also, having this kind of possibility in real tests is a great opportunity to test our artificial intelligence’s adaptation skills. That’s why we decided not to fix it.